Day in my life!

Come with me while I tell you about my day as a Stay at Home Mom of 3 young kids! We had a busy Monday, so come along for the ride!

Franee Smith

9/26/20233 min read

Day in my life!

“It’s just another manic Monday!” It really was though! I’m going to share a day in my life today as a stay at home mom of 3 kids. My girls are 8 & 3 and my youngest is 7 weeks. So come along as I take you through my day.

5:40 am

My son woke me up bright and early! I got his diaper changed and nursed. Those early morning feedings are always making me crave a big cup of coffee. I scrolled on my phone until I was able to put him down for a little nap before leaving for school drop off. I kissed my husband bye as he headed to work and got myself ready.

6:30 am

Finally time to get out of bed and grab some coffee. I brewed a big pot of coffee on Sunday morning, I warmed a cup up and started on making breakfast, preparing a lunch for my oldest, and getting their clothes picked out.

7 am

I got the girls up for school, this can either be a battle or smooth sailing. It’s hardly one size fits all. This morning was a little bit of both, my 4 year old wasn’t very thrilled today. But I got them up and everyone started getting ready and eating breakfast.

7:35 am

We walk out and see that there were toys and bikes scattered all over the backyard, we quickly cleaned that up and went on our way to school. Everyone got dropped off with minimum fussing so overall pretty good.

9 am

I ate breakfast (an over easy egg on top of some rice and with fruit), after that I ran up to my husband’s work and gave him coffee, I enjoy a good car ride where I can listen to music and just think. Especially since I decided not to go anywhere all weekend.

10 am-2 pm

I did normal house chores and worked on a blog post (insert blog post here) whenever my son would let me put him down for a few minutes. I forgot to eat a big lunch so I just had pretzels, an apple, and more coffee. I don’t usually eat such a small snack for lunch I just got busy running around.

3 pm

School pickup time! Getting the girls from school is always a fun time. I love hearing about their day and answering questions about mine. We rushed home to start preparing for the night ahead. Tonight we had 2 parent teacher conferences and a soccer game, and I had to bring snacks as well.

3:30 pm-4:15 pm

I got dinner started, tonight we had chicken and broccoli Alfredo with penne pasta. I like to switch up the pasta that we use every now and then to do something different and not always have the same thing. While dinner was cooking I was getting everything ready for snacks. My daughter took capri suns, paw patrol graham cracker bites, and fruit snacks. Then it was time for back to back conferences.

5:45 pm

It’s time for soccer! Everyone played so well! We love watching the kids run around and kick the ball. The actual kicking part of the game doesn’t always happen but cute nonetheless!

7 pm

We get home and it’s time for bath time and Monday night football. My husband got glimpses as we got the kids ready for bed time. We got baths, teeth, and story(ies) done so time for bed! My husband usually does story time with girls while I start getting our son dressed for bed.

8 pm-9:20 pm

We finally make it to bed where we watch more football while I get little man to sleep. Tonight was hard because he was overtired and just couldn’t settle. I finally get him down in his bassinet.

9:30 pm-11 pm

I’ll get myself ready for bed, get things ready for the next day, and probably watch some tv before heading to bed (to be woken up again in a few hours!). Tomorrow will be an even earlier start because my oldest has hula lessons at her school and then ballet after school! Wish me luck!

Thank you for following me along with my day! Hectic days full of activities is the normal around here and we wouldn’t have it any other way!