New Year New Me! Tackle the clutter with me!

Day 1 of Tackle the Clutter! I started with my kid’s clothes!

Franee Smith

1/8/20241 min read

New Year New Me?

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Happy 2024 everyone! Did that just bring sudden anxiety to anybody else? Just me? When the new year arrives I always feel pressured. No one is pressuring me of course but myself. The need to be a “brand new” me looms over my head.

So, instead of five in to the pressure and hide in my room and stare at my ever growing to-do list, I’m going to tackle it!

First order of business? My kid’s clothes, more specifically my two girls. They share EVERYTHING and that includes clothes. Hand me downs are awesome until you have so many that you can’t even shut their drawers. So I decided last night around midnight (anybody else do their best thinking at midnight?) that I am going to tackle their clothes today.

I wanted to have a clear distinction between my 8 year olds clothes and 4 year olds clothes so they would be able to pick out their outfits easier. This meant throwing everything out of their drawers, sorting their clothes out and separating them into their designated drawers. I also wanted to take out their spring/summer clothes, I’m not sure why but they think they can wear shorts and tank tops in 30° weather.

After I did all the sorting I used my handy Tineco vacuum to clean the drawers out (why do they always have random things just floating around in clothes drawers?) and then neatly folded and put their clothes away. Their drawers shut nicely now and picking out clothes in the morning should be a lot easier!

What should I tackle tomorrow? I’m thinking bathroom cabinets! Join me this week as I tackle the clutter! Follow along with me on TikTok!